A guide to Digital Transformation

Adoption of Model-Based Definition in the Defense Industrial Base

This Guidebook is meant to help manufacturers in the supply base begin to transform their operations for MBD.

The Guidebook is an output of the Digital Model Initiative (DMI), a program designed to accelerate the adoption of 3-D design and manufacturing technology throughout Connecticut’s defense supply chains. Connecticut’s Chief Manufacturing Officer Paul Lavoie explains the value of the DMI at the state and national level here.

Model-Based Definition

How it works

In the context of producing parts and assemblies, Model-Based Definition is an annotated 3D model, utilized as the authoritative product definition dataset to design and document the part for manufacture.

The use of MBD enables many potential benefits:


Labor Productivity Increase


Increased Throughput


Cost Of Quality Improvement

Why Are More businesses implementing MBD?

Model-based definition as part of Industry 4.0 transformation can unlock significant value across multiple areas of a factory. MBD allows better communication across the factory and creates higher quality products.

A Practical Tool for Implementing MBD

The experiences of several defense supply chain manufacturers show basic principles of MBD benefits and best practices to implement solutions, with examples to highlight problems, their solutions, and recommendations on next steps.

Learn about the general pattern to a successful digital thread implementation:

  • Assessment of your organization’s readiness,
  • Creation of a roadmap toward implementation, and
  • Parallel work streams for technical implementation and workforce learning.

“The future of smart manufacturing lies in working with digital data. The Guide to Digital Transformation gives manufacturers a roadmap to success by providing easy-to-follow processes and tools for assessing and transforming their operations to use 3D model formats. With concise and effective steps, widespread adoption is inevitable.”

Dr. Beth Unger / MIT Materials Research Laboratory

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